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Student of the Month, Priyanka!

Every month we will highlight a new student and share their soccer story. Meet the July 2018 Student of the Month, Priyanka!

  1. Name: Priyanka Atreya

  2. Which DCSS class do you attend? Beginner Wednesday class (woot woot!)

  3. Position you like to play? I'm still figuring that out....

  4. What got you into soccer? I love learning random sports - recently I've done dragon boat racing, rowing, and kickboxing. Soccer has always been on my list of things to learn but intimidating if you never learned as a kid!

  5. What you like most about soccer? At the beginning of learning a new sport, you can really see the gradual improvement from week to week - I love being able to see progress! What I like most about soccer is the teamwork involved!

  6. Whats the most important thing you've learned through DCSS classes, or your favorite drill or class memory? The game 'World Cup' where we each pick our country and try to get a goal!

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