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Student of the Month, Wendi!

Every month we will highlight a new student and share their soccer story. Meet the July 2018 Student of the Month, Wendi!

  1. Name: Wendi Wilkes

  2. Which DCSS class do you attend? Level 1 & 2 depending on my schedule!

  3. Position you like to play? Right outside mid

  4. What got you into soccer? I played rec soccer for about 12 years as a kid and originally chose to play soccer because my older sister played for the local high school team!

  5. What you like most about soccer? I love the global culture of soccer; maybe more than any other sport, soccer transcends all sorts of social, economic, and geopolitical boundaries. (the feeling you get after scoring a goal is pretty great too!)

  6. Whats the most important thing you've learned through DCSS classes, or your favorite drill or class memory? I love the focus on accuracy at DCSS. The fall pumpkin challenge put my shooting accuracy to the test!

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