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May 2017 Student of the Month!

Every month we will highlight a new student and share their soccer story. Meet the April 2017 Student of the Month, Rachel!

1. Name: Rachel Clark

2. Which DCSS class do you attend? Level 1

3. Position you like to play? I'm still in the position of figuring out how to run and keep track of the ball at the same time. So...TBD.

4. What got you into soccer? I have several friends who play and watch, so I'm always around a lot of soccer. Every once in a while I end up in a pick-up game with my friends, and I find it exhilarating, exciting, and fun. But I also have no idea what I'm doing, and I'm terrified of anyone actually passing the ball to me. I decided it was time to learn the basics and maybe eventually join a (beginner) rec team.

5. What you like most about soccer? I like running around, trying to work together as a team, and being outside with friends.

6. Whats the most important thing you've learned through DCSS classes, or your favorite drill or class memory? As a total novice learning something new as an adult, the DCSS classes have been a good exercise in letting go of my ego. I've enjoyed every minute!

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