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Student of the Month - October, Level 1

DCSS is continuing it's newest feature--DCSS Student of the Month! Every month we will highlight a new student and share their soccer story.

Next up, Jennifer Yeaw! Jen has grown tremendously in her recent sessions with DCSS and it is awesome to see her progress as a player. We love your excitement for the game--thanks for all that you bring to class!

  1. Name: Jennifer Yeaw

  2. Which DCSS class do you attend? Beginner

  3. Position you like to play? Center Back

  4. What got you into soccer? I played soccer growing up and recently have gotten back into it as a fun way to get out and exercise after work. I think I initially started playing as a kid because I wanted to be like Mia Hamm.

  5. What you like most about soccer? I really enjoy the intensity and focus. I like the fact that everything happens so quickly, you always need to be thinking a few steps ahead.

  6. Whats the most important thing you've learned through DCSS classes, or your favorite drill or class memory? I would say overall becoming more confident with the ball at my feet. I feel like every class I am just more willing to try a different move we learned or take shots in the game like scenarios. I have really enjoyed seeing myself progress in that regard.

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