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Student of the Month! September = Jojo

DCSS is continuing it's newest feature--DCSS Student of the Month! Every month we will highlight a new student and share their soccer story.

Next up, Jojo Vicencio! She has been through many DCSS classes, she has a clear passion for both the technical and fitness aspects of the game, and is always pushing herself and those around her to become a better player. We love you Jojo--thanks for all that you bring to class!

  1. Name: Jojo Vicencio

  2. Which DCSS class do you attend? Intermediate and Advanced possession or shooting

  3. Position you like to play? #10 or outside midfielder

  4. What got you into soccer? Playing soccer with friends in school, which led me to join a team

  5. What you like most about soccer? The creativity of the players and chess-like strategic positioning.

  6. Whats the most important thing you've learned through DCSS classes, or your favorite drill or class memory? DCSS has taught me better ball control with its foundations practice and better shooting technique. My favorite memory is when someone crossed the ball to the far post, and I did a perfect volley into the upper 90s of the goal. That was great!

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