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Soccer Fitness- A Week of Workouts!

Soccer players typically run around 6-7 miles per match. It is important to build strength, speed endurance, and longer distance endurance as well. You should aim to do a strength circuit with weights and body weight at least 1-2 times a week, and a run workout 2-3 times a week as well. For more information on soccer specific training reach out to seasoned personal trainers Ariel and Elise!

Try this out for a week:

Day 1: Sprint Endurance 15 rounds: 100 yard sprint, rest 20 seconds between sprints Day 2: Strength circuit-Complete 3 rounds of the following: 10 squats with 75% of your body weight on the bar 20 sit ups with a 10lb plate overhead 30 second bridge hold with 10 lb plate 45 seconds as many push ups as possible 10 deadlifts with your body weight on the bar End with 2minutes as many burpees as possible Day 3: Rest Day 4: 4 rounds: 800meter (2 laps around the track sprint) Rest 2 minutes Day 5:

Mile sprit for time, rest 4minutes, repeat mile within 20 seconds of first mile time

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