Adult Soccer Classes in the DMV

Combining soccer skills and fitness drills for adults of all skill sets


Current Classes


Due to Coronavirus restrictions we are unsure if we will offer our in-person fall classes. We will post information about Fall part 1 and Fall Part 2 as soon as it is available. In the meantime, if interested in virtual sessions, or have any questions please contact us at Please stay safe!

Wasington DC Waterfront

Amidon-Bowen Elementary School

401 I St SW, Washington, DC 20024


*The field is located next to the playground on the side of the school.

*Restrooms are not available onsite, but there is a Safeway 1 block away where there are public restrooms.



  • Metro: Waterfront-SEU Metro Station (Green Line) - After exiting the metro station, walk straight (north) along M Street for one block. Turn left on to I Street and the field is on the right behind Amidon-Bowen Elementary School.

  • Buses: P6, V7, V9, 74, A42, A46, A48, A9, W9

  • Driving: Street parking is available nearby after school hours

Which class is right for me? See what DCSS offers below!


Field Location

DC Soccer Sessions offers soccer drills and soccer skills classes for adults of all ages and skill sets in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Classes are also an excellent way to stay fit, work on your aerobic fitness and strength while meeting other soccer lovers in the area!


Classes generally run from 4-6 weeks long and are held on week nights. Our most popular courses are the Soccer Basics Class, offered at Level 1 Beginner and Level 2 Intermediate, and the Foot and Soccer Skills Class offered at Level 1 and Level 2. DCSS also offers Specialty Courses such as Fitness for Soccer, Advanced Possession Play, Shooting, Concepts in Offense, and Women's Only Classes. Read more about our wide selection of class offerings below:


Level 1 Beginner Soccer Skills:

  • For beginners with little or no past experience with soccer.

  • The sport is new to you, or you have not played it in years.

  • This class will review basic technique, soccer skills, and rules of the game.

  • Covers dribbling, passing, shooting, offense, and defense. 


Level 2 Intermediate Soccer Skills:

  • For those who played soccer in high school or college, or been playing in an intramural league for past 2+ years.

  • Must possess a moderate to advanced knowledge of the rules of the game.

  • Looking to improve upon their technical and tactical speed of play.

  • Covers more advanced elements of dribbling, passing, shooting, and all around footskills and moves.


Level 1 - Beginner Foot Skills and Concepts in Offence

Learn the basics of soccer by being exposed to a variety of moves, turns, and improve upon techniques for passing, trapping, dribbling, shooting, and more! This 4 week class will This set of classes will focus on common offensive game-like situations, as well as defensive responses. If you are new to the sport or Level 1 class we will review the basics. If you have taken our Level 1 class before, we will expand on these basics with new moves and drills and try to end each session with a fun game!


Level 2 - Intermediate Foot Skills and Concepts in Offence

In this 4 week session, the Level 2 class will review foundations, moves and turns, and focus on improving each players technical and tactical speed of play. This set of classes will focus on common offensive game-like situations, as well as defensive responses and soccer-specific fitness. 


Specialty Classes:

NEW! Hybrid Class: Advanced Principles in Offense and Defense

This new hybrid course offers opportunity to improve your attacking prowess while also fine tuning your defensive shape. This course will break down position roles for offense and defense for you as an individual and as a part of a team. Core principles covered include pressure/cover, attacking dribble with speed, denying the opposition's penetration, finishing shots, and moving as a unit on the attack and while defending.


Advanced Possession Play

This course will focus on passing drills and speed of play in possession scenarios within the game such as give-and-goes, and one and two touch Tiki Taka passing. This class will also focus on movement off the ball, such as overlapping runs and runs into space to allow for better team ball movement and end with a weekly scrimmage. PLEASE NOTE: To participate in this class you must be a Level 2 player or have taken at least six Level 1 classes with DCSS before.


Fitness for Soccer 

  • For those who want to improve their game by working on strength, agility, balance, speed, aerobic abilities, and endurance.

  • This class is offered indoors and outdoors and is for both Level 1 and Level 2 players.

  • This class involves ladder work, quick speed movements and acceleration training with and without the ball.



  • For those who want to improve their power and accuracy in front of goal.

  • This class focuses on proper form when shooting, types of shots, and building strength and composure in front of goal.


Concepts in Offense

  • For those who want to improve their attacking presence on the field.

  • This class focuses on dribbling with speed, go-to moves to beat defenders, attacking passing and combinations, how to cotain play in the final third of the field, and of course...shooting!


Women's Only Classes and Events

  • DCSS strongly supports women's soccer and strives to provides women's-only classes, clinics, and tournaments to build the women's game in Washington DC.


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